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So now that the fall semester of 2010 is over (since like… december 22nd) I’ve had time to somewhat relax. I’m not exactly thrilled that school is starting up once again. I haven’t had much opportunity to work on my own things, but it’s not a huge deal I suppose, since this semester I set up things so that I could focus on my own work. 😀

Last semester, I was working on a character, Aurion Simmon, and the level “Escape the Ruins”. Well, they’re done, I just don’t have any images to setup just yet for the ruins; mostly for the fact that it’s not textured. 😦 I did my best to get as much done as possible, but I just got overwhelmed with assisting too many people again. I have to learn not to do that, I keep screwing myself over with it.

Regardless, I did get Aurion textured and I don’t think it’s that bad for a first try and for the fact that I did the textures in 2 days. 😛 I also redid Aurion’s model design 3 times during the semester, and finished him mostly in December. I would really like to learn how to texture correctly though, and figure out how to plan ahead for where I want things to be. Texturing in Mudbox is awesome, but I feel that if I had known more about texturing, more could’ve been set up in preparations to get me through it faster and easier.

This spring semester also starts up with me now being part of my roommates’ capstone project; mine as well now. I’m positioned as the lead 3D asset and character modeler, and assistant lead level designer. (which means I’m just right below the guy in charge of level design.)

Well, that’s it for now. The pictures for my final projects from fall 2010 will be uploaded at some time, I just have to get them back onto my laptop. haha


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Two New Awesomes!

Hey guys.

So while doing some research for doing game design and character creations, I came across these lovely little trinkets.



Make Human is a free, open source, small sized program that enables the user to create humanoid characters that are fully animatable, and allow you to mess with the humans’ anatomy to get it close to however you want it to look. Then, you can export your creation into an obj file, and import it into Maya, or Mudbox, or Zbrush, or Max, or any other 3D software engine you want to use to fine tune your creation. I’ve done it once, and it’s marvelous. They even take the trouble of unwrapping it PERFECTLY for you. ❤

Now, the other link is to a personal website by Mr. Denny Lindberg. He has phenomenal 3D artwork, as well as a fully downloadable UT3 character rig. Just be sure to give credit where it is due. (He also has much more on his website if you are wondering.)

Also, I will probably save these links onto my blog, so that you will be able to find them with no problem.

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Gone For Too Long

Okay. So I have been dealing with a lot of annoying / major life choices back over here, and it’s been a very difficult time for me. I’ve started to finally get past it though, and am now ready to resume where I was. As you may notice, the “Escape the Ruins” is no longer my capstone. I came to the conclusion that in 6 months, I would not be able to create a game by myself. There is just too much to do with it. So instead, I am now teamed up with my roommates on their project, called “Homeland”. More details of this game will be posted at a later date, but for now just know that it is awesome.

I have also attempted to redo my Aurion character in the time that I have. I don’t like how he was turning out, so I scrapped it, and the new model is looking rather nicely. I am also applying for the Spore Grant Project at IUPUI. They’re wanting to create an educational game, with a team of 15 passionate students. You had to apply for it. And in that process, I came across some interesting little tidbits that I’ll post up after this.

Project deadlines are coming closer, and I feel like I’m not ready. I really hate creative slumps / blank moments. Oh well. Still has to be dealt with. I’ll try to get more information up here for my fellow students though.

Take care everyone.

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So, a week has come up, and as you can see, nothing has been posted for my WIP. That’s because I’ve gotten such basic stuff done that I don’t see it fit to post updates for. Like for starts updating and redrawing my level maps. You don’t need to see that. And re-unwrapping my character. No need to see those UV’s until after they’ve been textured. 🙂

In other news, I’m currently also writing up the documents for the 3D Modders, which is an IUPUI school group that focuses on the creation of 3D games. I have also heard from a professor that there is a graduate student who is making a gaming group for networking in Indianapolis. So, cross fingers while I try to get things set up over here. WHOO! We’ll make Indiana known for more than just corn and Indy car races. 😀

So, hopefully, this Tuesday will have some more updates that I can share. And hopefully I’ll have more people coming through here as well.

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Assigned Break

So, apparently I was a few steps ahead of what the professor was anticipating. Me being an over achiever again. I had my character fully unwrapped, and ready to bring into Zbrush/Mudbox, and he said that he would like me to instead, begin to look over more tutorial videos of unwrapping. So, he wants me to reunwrap the character once more, I suppose in a way to let my other classmates have time to catch up; but I’ve never been one to wait on others when it involves on working on something I enjoy to do.

So this means that I don’t really have much to show at the moment, as most of my stuff was placed on hold while I work on things. I suppose this small break is a good enough thing to allow me to work on a couple research like project / papers that are due in a couple weeks, but I’ll also be working on my level too.

This semester is going to be quite the busy one for me, yet I’m enjoying every minute of it. I’ll post up more information later on about my school group too. Take care for now.

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So, I’ve come to realize that making the skeletal form of my level in UDK, and then building the assets may be putting too much work onto my shoulders, and that’s where I’ve been screwing up a lot of the times; I always make more work for myself than what is needed.

So, instead, I’m going to scratch the level I WAS making in UDK, in a way, and instead recreate it within Maya. There, I will begin to make the everything within the Ruins look as they are supposed to. (and I won’t have to eff around with settings and the grid in UDK to get stuff to line up, so WIN)

I feel that this will make things easier for me, since I understand the grid settings I will need, as well as the size that the character is in game.

In other news, I’ve started up school (duh), and it looks to be an interesting semester. I’m going to be quite busy, which I prefer than sitting around twiddling my thumbs and waiting for something to do. Also, I do know that there are some things in the blog that don’t have any updates just yet. Well, don’t worry, they’ll be coming. Once I get the ball rolling I’ll start posting a lot more tutorials on how to do things in both UT3 and UDK, and maybe even Maya and Zbrush. Who knows. 🙂

Til next time.

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Blogging Schedule

Alright, I’ll admit. I’ve never really been a huge person to blog a lot about what I’m doing, or what’s going on in my life. I’ve always felt it’s more my business and nobody really needs to get into it unless they’re personal friends. But that was before, and now I’ve been glancing a little around and noticed that I don’t really have to spill EVERYTHING about myself to you guys.

So, I think I may have come to an agreement with myself.  I’ll try to post maybe twice a week, but definitely once a week. I will most definitely post something on Saturdays. As for what time? Who the hell knows? I just know that I’ll post on Saturdays an update on my life and any work that I am working / have finished. (tbh I really have been bored a lot. haha)

So, I mentioned twice a week. I’ve been pondering over posting on Tuesday or Wednesday. Someplace generally in the middle of the week. Because, really I work on so many various things that I don’t tend to update them on here. (Such as me having 3 levels somewhat drawn out for my capstone project, yet I won’t post them til I finish the other two.) So, I’m hoping that pushing myself like this will get me out of this procrastination slump of not doing things to showcase my work.

Well, I’ve got to get back to working on unwrapping my character, and setting up the skeletal version of my level before Monday. See ya.

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