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Here are the images as promised. The lightning may need to be redone as does the hair, and also keep in mind that this was a first try for human characters, as well as the textures.


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Hey guys. I don’t know if I mentioned this earlier or not, but I had recently decided to remake my Aurion 3D model. Alongside with recreating the ruins as well, and preparing the work for the Homeland Project. >.<; OVERLOAD STRESS!

Anyway, I have just finished modeling the character and his accessories, and I am unwrapping him now. But for now, enjoy this teaser of my newly modeled Aurion Simmons.



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Finally Unwrapped

So, after unwrapping Aurion for my independent study, I learned that I apparently fail at unwrapping in UV Layout. Who would have thought? haha I apparently didn’t have it as clean as my professor would like it, so I went into Maya 2011 and began to unwrap it all once again. It took me a while, since I’ve never really used Maya to unwrap, unless you count automatic unwrap.

The difficult part for me was deciding where the seams should go, and flattening out the images smoothly so that they would align nearly perfectly. I feel at my current level, it is unwrapped at the best of my ability. My next step is bring Aurion into Zbrush and begin to work in the detail. 😀 And keep a watchful eye out, I’ve begun another small project, which I’m trying to have finished by the end of October for a school group competition.

Unwrapped Aurion

Aurion Unwrapped

Back Unwrapped

Aurion Unwrapped Back

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Finished Low-Rez

Hey guys. I feel that my updates will probably be on Saturdays; since I feel that is when I’ll be least busy. -sigh- It’s a little annoying, but oh well. I’ve finished my low-rez model of Aurion, and will be unwrapping him soon. But I felt like everyone should see Aurion at his pre-zbrush state. Please enjoy. And if you have any comments, please leave some. It feels odd if I’m just talking to myself.

Back Aurion Lowrez

LowRez Character

Back Aurion LowRez

Low Rez Character

Low Rez Head Unwrap
Aurion Unwrap Head

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Character Update!

Well, I feel bad that I didn’t update earlier Friday, but I felt that making a post about my car was a decent enough “early time” type of post.

In the week that I’ve had, I’ve been rather busy doing a few other things as well, but I have gotten a nice chunk out of the basic modeling of the character. Yes, I take a little while to model something, but this is my second time attempting a human-like character. Gimme a break.

As of right now, the shaders being used are basic ones, and I’m planning to finish a few of the items and begin unwrapping this weekend. Let’s hope I can get it done. 🙂

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WIP Aurion Simmon

Aurion Head

Head of Aurion Simmon

Here is the head of Aurion Simmon, the main character of my capstone project. Right now he looks a little cartoonish, but I’ll be fixing that once I get him into Zbrush. (someone wanted to see him sooner than Friday. haha)

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Here is the character concepts for the antagonist, Mikhail.

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