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Here are the images as promised. The lightning may need to be redone as does the hair, and also keep in mind that this was a first try for human characters, as well as the textures.


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So now that the fall semester of 2010 is over (since like… december 22nd) I’ve had time to somewhat relax. I’m not exactly thrilled that school is starting up once again. I haven’t had much opportunity to work on my own things, but it’s not a huge deal I suppose, since this semester I set up things so that I could focus on my own work. 😀

Last semester, I was working on a character, Aurion Simmon, and the level “Escape the Ruins”. Well, they’re done, I just don’t have any images to setup just yet for the ruins; mostly for the fact that it’s not textured. 😦 I did my best to get as much done as possible, but I just got overwhelmed with assisting too many people again. I have to learn not to do that, I keep screwing myself over with it.

Regardless, I did get Aurion textured and I don’t think it’s that bad for a first try and for the fact that I did the textures in 2 days. 😛 I also redid Aurion’s model design 3 times during the semester, and finished him mostly in December. I would really like to learn how to texture correctly though, and figure out how to plan ahead for where I want things to be. Texturing in Mudbox is awesome, but I feel that if I had known more about texturing, more could’ve been set up in preparations to get me through it faster and easier.

This spring semester also starts up with me now being part of my roommates’ capstone project; mine as well now. I’m positioned as the lead 3D asset and character modeler, and assistant lead level designer. (which means I’m just right below the guy in charge of level design.)

Well, that’s it for now. The pictures for my final projects from fall 2010 will be uploaded at some time, I just have to get them back onto my laptop. haha

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