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Finally Unwrapped

So, after unwrapping Aurion for my independent study, I learned that I apparently fail at unwrapping in UV Layout. Who would have thought? haha I apparently didn’t have it as clean as my professor would like it, so I went into Maya 2011 and began to unwrap it all once again. It took me a while, since I’ve never really used Maya to unwrap, unless you count automatic unwrap.

The difficult part for me was deciding where the seams should go, and flattening out the images smoothly so that they would align nearly perfectly. I feel at my current level, it is unwrapped at the best of my ability. My next step is bring Aurion into Zbrush and begin to work in the detail. 😀 And keep a watchful eye out, I’ve begun another small project, which I’m trying to have finished by the end of October for a school group competition.

Unwrapped Aurion

Aurion Unwrapped

Back Unwrapped

Aurion Unwrapped Back


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So, a week has come up, and as you can see, nothing has been posted for my WIP. That’s because I’ve gotten such basic stuff done that I don’t see it fit to post updates for. Like for starts updating and redrawing my level maps. You don’t need to see that. And re-unwrapping my character. No need to see those UV’s until after they’ve been textured. 🙂

In other news, I’m currently also writing up the documents for the 3D Modders, which is an IUPUI school group that focuses on the creation of 3D games. I have also heard from a professor that there is a graduate student who is making a gaming group for networking in Indianapolis. So, cross fingers while I try to get things set up over here. WHOO! We’ll make Indiana known for more than just corn and Indy car races. 😀

So, hopefully, this Tuesday will have some more updates that I can share. And hopefully I’ll have more people coming through here as well.

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Assigned Break

So, apparently I was a few steps ahead of what the professor was anticipating. Me being an over achiever again. I had my character fully unwrapped, and ready to bring into Zbrush/Mudbox, and he said that he would like me to instead, begin to look over more tutorial videos of unwrapping. So, he wants me to reunwrap the character once more, I suppose in a way to let my other classmates have time to catch up; but I’ve never been one to wait on others when it involves on working on something I enjoy to do.

So this means that I don’t really have much to show at the moment, as most of my stuff was placed on hold while I work on things. I suppose this small break is a good enough thing to allow me to work on a couple research like project / papers that are due in a couple weeks, but I’ll also be working on my level too.

This semester is going to be quite the busy one for me, yet I’m enjoying every minute of it. I’ll post up more information later on about my school group too. Take care for now.

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