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So, I’ve come to realize that making the skeletal form of my level in UDK, and then building the assets may be putting too much work onto my shoulders, and that’s where I’ve been screwing up a lot of the times; I always make more work for myself than what is needed.

So, instead, I’m going to scratch the level I WAS making in UDK, in a way, and instead recreate it within Maya. There, I will begin to make the everything within the Ruins look as they are supposed to. (and I won’t have to eff around with settings and the grid in UDK to get stuff to line up, so WIN)

I feel that this will make things easier for me, since I understand the grid settings I will need, as well as the size that the character is in game.

In other news, I’ve started up school (duh), and it looks to be an interesting semester. I’m going to be quite busy, which I prefer than sitting around twiddling my thumbs and waiting for something to do. Also, I do know that there are some things in the blog that don’t have any updates just yet. Well, don’t worry, they’ll be coming. Once I get the ball rolling I’ll start posting a lot more tutorials on how to do things in both UT3 and UDK, and maybe even Maya and Zbrush. Who knows. 🙂

Til next time.


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First Two Floors

So, I’ve been having a little trouble figuring out what to do for the third floor, so for now I’m just going to make the first 2 floors tonight. Here are their blueprints. I can follow it easier, and my roommates both say I should use online grid paper from now on, and do it in photoshop rather than drawing it out by hand.  Wish I thought of that sooner.

Second Floor

Floor 2 of Capstone Game

First Floor Map

Floor 1 for Level

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Blogging Schedule

Alright, I’ll admit. I’ve never really been a huge person to blog a lot about what I’m doing, or what’s going on in my life. I’ve always felt it’s more my business and nobody really needs to get into it unless they’re personal friends. But that was before, and now I’ve been glancing a little around and noticed that I don’t really have to spill EVERYTHING about myself to you guys.

So, I think I may have come to an agreement with myself.  I’ll try to post maybe twice a week, but definitely once a week. I will most definitely post something on Saturdays. As for what time? Who the hell knows? I just know that I’ll post on Saturdays an update on my life and any work that I am working / have finished. (tbh I really have been bored a lot. haha)

So, I mentioned twice a week. I’ve been pondering over posting on Tuesday or Wednesday. Someplace generally in the middle of the week. Because, really I work on so many various things that I don’t tend to update them on here. (Such as me having 3 levels somewhat drawn out for my capstone project, yet I won’t post them til I finish the other two.) So, I’m hoping that pushing myself like this will get me out of this procrastination slump of not doing things to showcase my work.

Well, I’ve got to get back to working on unwrapping my character, and setting up the skeletal version of my level before Monday. See ya.

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Finished Low-Rez

Hey guys. I feel that my updates will probably be on Saturdays; since I feel that is when I’ll be least busy. -sigh- It’s a little annoying, but oh well. I’ve finished my low-rez model of Aurion, and will be unwrapping him soon. But I felt like everyone should see Aurion at his pre-zbrush state. Please enjoy. And if you have any comments, please leave some. It feels odd if I’m just talking to myself.

Back Aurion Lowrez

LowRez Character

Back Aurion LowRez

Low Rez Character

Low Rez Head Unwrap
Aurion Unwrap Head

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Character Update!

Well, I feel bad that I didn’t update earlier Friday, but I felt that making a post about my car was a decent enough “early time” type of post.

In the week that I’ve had, I’ve been rather busy doing a few other things as well, but I have gotten a nice chunk out of the basic modeling of the character. Yes, I take a little while to model something, but this is my second time attempting a human-like character. Gimme a break.

As of right now, the shaders being used are basic ones, and I’m planning to finish a few of the items and begin unwrapping this weekend. Let’s hope I can get it done. 🙂

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New Car!!

I got a new car today. It’s a 1993 Ford Crown Victoria, 4 door with cloth interior. It’s maroon in color, and my roommate helped pay for a chunk of it. (though i’m paying him back later on) But yaay! New car!! And it only had 122k miles on it! 😀 I’m really psyched.

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WIP Aurion Simmon

Aurion Head

Head of Aurion Simmon

Here is the head of Aurion Simmon, the main character of my capstone project. Right now he looks a little cartoonish, but I’ll be fixing that once I get him into Zbrush. (someone wanted to see him sooner than Friday. haha)

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